Biotech Startup Tools (Jan, 2016)

Convenient tools and services for Biotech startup

WIP. Please let me know if you know other services (or more comprehensive lists).

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from Transcriptic

Transcriptic: AWS for life science, a fully automated biology laboratory

SigOpt: optimize everything

Mousera: AWS for mouse studies

Science Exchange: on-demand experiments from the world’s best labs

Synaptic: Airbnb for labs, leasing idle facilities

Diassess: rapid DNA testing

Biomiic: microbiome profiling

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from Quartzy

Quartzy: online lab management platform

Benchling: integrated tools for DNA, images, and others

Genome Compiler: genetic engineering made easy

insilico: genomic analysis without programming

Desktop Genetic: CRISPR genome editing made easy genomic data analysis

Synbiota: rapid DNA prototyping platform

Google Genomics: GCP for Genomics

One Codex: data platform for applied microbial genomics

TetraScence: connect your scientific equipment to the web

Chai (Open qPCR): DNA diagnostics for everyone, $2,999〜

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The University of Tokyo, Ex-Microsoft, Visual Studio; “Nur das Leben ist glücklich, welches auf die Annehmlichkeiten der Welt verzichten kann.” — Wittgenstein

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